DIVMGroup Token Sale, 29 November – 31 December 2017
For the release and sale of DIVM tokens, a smart contract has been deployed in the blockchain Ethereum:
contract address: 0x2449224f42cE230c5b67e1d48BDcEB224B0F72D7
symbol:  DIVM
maximum emission: 7 000 000

 Token Sale scheme

We decided to move away from the standards for raising funds for the development of the project with the aim of creating favorable conditions for token buyers and stimulating the investment attractiveness of the project. For this purpose, our specialists developed a multi-stage scheme for selling tokens with a gradual increase in the price of the product, reflecting the development of DivM Group in stages, thereby stimulating the demand for tokens.
A detailed sales chart is provided in the project’s technical documentation.

Key Sales Levels

Attention! You can buy DIVM Group tokens right now on the Etherdelta exchange!

Attention! The number of tokens is limited!

 You can also at any time during Token Sale get tokens by simply sending the right amount of ETH to the address of the contract!

Use Ethereum wallets that support the ERC20 standard !! Such as MEW (myetherwallet.com), Metamask, Ethereum Wallet.

1 level Token Sale price 0,01 $

Offer tokens 100DIVM
bought tokens 0DIVM
Balance for sale at current price 0DIVM

2 level Token Sale price 0,02 $

Offer tokens 300DIVM
Bought tokens 0DIVM
Balance for sale at current price 0DIVM

3 level Token Sale price 0,03 $

Offer tokens 500DIVM
Bougt tokens 0DIVM
Balance for sale at current price 0DIVM