Smart contract DIVM on the platform of the Etherium

For the release and sale of DIVM tokens, the ERC20 smart contract was developed and deployed with the following parameters:

адрес: 0x2449224f42cE230c5b67e1d48BDcEB224B0F72D7
name:    DIVMGroup
symbol :   DIVM
initialSupply : 10 000
totalSupply: 7 000 000

The selling price of the tokens ( buyPriceInWei): 0.002 ETH   min  0,02 ETH


Divm Group successfully passed the procedure of listing on the Token Store exchange!

DIVM tokens are available to trade:



0.000078 ETH /DIVM
  • Current offer:  15 300 DIVM
  • Best price:  0,00006 ETH

Token DIVM on the platform Waves

To diversify financial risk, DIVM tokens are additionally released on the Waves platform.
Our tokens are available for purchase / sale on DEX waves:

Ticker:   DIVM
ID:       C4H781irgn4zbfzgZiSKsjruDx3dFqne7xUakWHpsGJ7
Total Supply: 7 000 000

The selling price of the tokens : 0.000008 ETH