About Company

DIVM Group is an international investment project aimed at stable growth of profitability and business development in the financial and real sector of the economy.

The investment activity of the company is under the control of professional portfolio managers within the framework of the investment memorandum and business as a whole.

High profitability of investments and total assets of the company became possible due to an effective strategy of placing funds in financial markets.

To reduce systemic risks and increase financial stability, the company reinvests part of its profits in creating its own sources of revenue.

Thus, the company’s adaptive business model generates a high level of return on invested capital with minimal risks.

Our advantages

Firstly, our clients receive dividends from 40% per annum.
Secondly, our investors have the opportunity to get high profit from exchange rate difference of tokens.
For example, you purchased 1000 tokens at a price of $ 1, in a year receive dividends of $ 400 and sell at a price of $ 2 – the total revenue will be $ 1400.

We build our business taking into account strict requirements to the safety of our clients’ funds. Therefore, 15% of the current assets of the fund are reserved on the company’s deposit accounts.

In our investment portfolio, only highly volatile assets are diversified by risk. Each object is carefully analyzed in many parameters and is selected on an expert level.

We understand that high incomes from financial activity are due to the current market situation, so we develop our own profitable sources. Additional business in the financial and real sector in the long term will provide a powerful incentive for the company’s capitalization.