Questions about Company

  1. In what jurisdiction is the company located? At the moment, a package of documents is being prepared for the registration of the company DivM Group in the classical offshore. In order to optimize costs and tax, the company will be registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. In the future, as the business grows and the current assets increase, a holding structure will be organized with the registration of the parent company in the UK.
  2. What do you do? DivM Group, an investment company under the management of professional management, places most of its assets in profitable financial instruments: shares in the US, Russia, China, India, cryptocurrencies, and  investment crowdfunding. At the initial stage, a blockchain project will be funded to open its own crypto exchange. The profit from investment activity is a source for direct investments in real business in various areas: wholesale and retail trade, catering, hotel business and others.
  3. Invest where you are going, in Altcoins?   The structure of the investment portfolio and the initial investment plan are given in our White Paper, the website also has a lot of information on this topic.
    You are right, in order to receive the planned high incomes, a significant portion of the portfolio consists of cryptocurrencies and venture capital investments.
  4. Do you have a specific plan?   In our development plan, the key milestones for the year are:
    1. Investment activity
    2. Launch of the exchange with the planned turnover of $ 1000 000
    3. Investor’s personal office, with the possibility of voting at the general meeting of shareholders
    4. Payment of quarterly dividends, owners of crypto shares (DIVM tokens)
    5. Reinvestment of profit from financial activities in the sphere of real business with payback of projects no more than 1 year.
    6. Reverse buy-back of DIVM tokens at the end of next year.
    This is an enlarged plan, with progress and development each stage will be detailed and reports will be published on the official website.
  5. Than you are better than others?
    Concerning, the advantages of the company:
    To protect and assure investors, 15% of the fund is reserved on the company’s deposit accounts;
    Owners of DIVM tokens are, in fact, shareholders of the company: receive dividends and have the right to vote in the distribution of the company’s profits and other important decisions;
    The company’s business model for reinvesting profits in real business provides a high level of return on invested capital with minimal risks, and also creates conditions for the growth of resources and business as a whole.
    At this stage, we did not review competitors for our project, later a similar review will probably appear.
  6. The site says the launch of the Q1 2018 exchange, and the topic already Q2 2018?   Yes, indeed, in the WP and on the site the deadline for launching Q1 2018 is indicated, in February we plan to launch the exchange in a test mode. Of course, the launch of such a project involves many technical and organizational issues, and therefore we do not give an exact date.
    In any case, the exchange will work not later than the end of Q1 2018 beginning Q2 2018, we want to timed launch of the exchange by the time the tokens are sold on the market to create a positive trend!

DIVM token

  1. How many tokens will be released and is there a presale? For the launch of the project and primary financing, Tokens with the DIVM ticker on the Waves platform were issued in the amount of 7,000,000 without additional emission. DIVM grants its holder the right to receive dividends, as well as to participate in the management of a company with the right to vote at a general meeting of shareholders. The nominal value of one crypto stock (token) is 0.7 $, during the first three days there will be a 30% discount sale. More details in the ICO section of the site.
  2. What is the profitability of DIVM tokens? The income of the owner of a crypto-accumulation consists of dividends and exchange differences on the open market. The planned payments next year will amount to $ 200 per 1,000 tokens, and taking into account the profitability of the company’s assets, the market price of DIVM will rise to $ 2 and higher. Thus, investing $ 1000 at the start of the project, the investor acquires 2040 DIVM, in a year will receive dividends for the amount 400 $ and a foreign exchange gain of $ 2000.
  3. When will the dividend be paid? Dividends will be paid quarterly, starting from Q1 2018 from the company’s net profit. As the company’s value increases, dividends per share will increase.
  4. Where and when can I buy / sell DIVM? According to the plan, the crypto-actions will begin to be sold on the open market in the 1st quarter of 2018, approximately in February. By the time we sell tokens on stock exchanges, we create favorable conditions for investors: the investor’s personal cabinet on the company’s website; financial reporting on current and planned activities with a DIVM return; launching its own exchange kriptovalyut. We are confident that these preventive measures will significantly reduce exchange risks, and set a positive trend in the market.
  5. On which platform are the tokens released? Initially, to finance the project, tokens were released on the Waves platform. Because we believe that the Waves platform for the release of DIVM crypto shares is no worse than other similar platforms in terms of security and functionality, both for the investor and for the company. But unfortunately, in the crypto community there was a negative attitude towards ICO projects launched on the “waves”. Therefore, we made a timely decision to restart the project on the Ethereum platform and create a smart contract for ICO and sales of DIVM tokens.

Bounty Campaign

  1. How many Bounty members will receive, and if the project does not collect Hard cap, then hardly anyone will receive anything?
    The budget of the Bounty campaign is 2.5% of the ICO’s amount and participants will receive rewards in any case!
    The minimum fund-raising is determined by the breakeven point at the stage of project launch, and by ensuring the planned level of yield of DIVM crypto-transactions.
    We believe that the project will take the bottom bar 200 BTC at the very beginning of the ICO.
  2. Why was it decided to give access to newbies?  We believe that the level of professional and personal qualities of a person does not depend directly on any label, so that everyone can receive a reward by fulfilling the necessary conditions of the Bounty program, all the more so that no special knowledge or skills are required to fulfill the conditions. On the other hand, DivM Group is a public company, a joint-stock company, therefore adheres to the principle of fairness in obtaining information by all its participants.
  3. Do I have to send reports on the Bounty? Fields for links to your posts and reposts are in the second section (below) of the google forms.
    You can also publish reports  in the official Bounty theme.
  4. I applied for registration in Signature Campaign, but for some reason I do not see myself in the table?
    The problem is easily eliminated: fill in the form again, provide the date of registration and your posts in the official Bounty topic.