Token DIVM gives the rights to its owner:

  1. The right to exchange for other crypto-currencies in centralized and decentralized block-system systems;
  2. The right to connect to the system of the official DivM Group website, which uses the function of blocking technology;
  3. The right to vote on the development of the functional and characteristics of this system.

What are the advantages for those who bought several thousand DIVM tokens?

We created special conditions that stimulate demand and favor the high-quality development of DIVM Group!

Privileges of DIVM Owners

Sales plan for a multi-stage scheme

Our financial managers have developed a multi-stage plan for selling DIVM tokens starting at a minimum price of $ 0.01 / DIVM. After achieving a significant level of activity of the company DIVM Group, the price and supply will increase, thereby creating conditions for a stable growth of capitalization and exchange rate.